Radio Nurse Call Systems

Radio Nurse Call Panel

Radio Nurse Call Technology is now provan and reliable with many advanced features for aiding care of residents that are equal if not better than hard wired nurse call systems. But add into this the flexibility of a Radio Nurse Call System and the advantges are easily seen and realised for any care home. Moving beds is no longer a problem with a Radio Nurse Call Solution !!


Installation can be performed very quickly, normally in one or two days depending on the size of the site. The units can be pre-programmed offsite leaving only to be placed in the desired location. With this speed of installation Radio Nurse Call be be installed with little or no disruption to daily life in the Nursing home saving undue stress on staff and residents.


Radio Nurse Call offers flexibility and mobility that cannot be rivaled by Fixed wire systems. The Room Units can be lifted from the Cradles and can be placed wherever they are needed. The resident can even hold in their hands on the bed if they require, once finished the unit can be replaced into the wall mounted holder.

You May have reservations of this solutions regarding the battery life. However they are extreemly power efficient and also provide warnings when a specific device is about to run out of power.

General Features

  • User friendly and simple to operate
  • Installed quickly with little disruption to residents and staff
  • Wireless – No wiring allows units to be easily relocated
  • Easy and cost effective to extend
  • Fully approved and interference-free
  • Compliant to all regulations and has CE and Dti certification

Paging System

The Paging system allow staff members to be alerted when they are on the move or when they are away from the main panel. They will then be able to move quickly to the Room unit that is making the call and deal with the incident clearing the call.

These pagers can be programmed to receive all or selected calls by zoning the system to meet individual requirements. A keypad can be fitted allowing staff to be paged with a message or a tone.

Computer Based Call Recording

Recording the calls on the computer has now become a standard for most homes. It will help a residential home manage its staff resources and also help thwart and potiential issues with resident care. By giving the date/time data on a specific call it will also give the time taken till the call was cleared. This level of imformation gathering can be a reputation saving device for all care homes.

In addition to logging calls from residents the system can keep record of staff visits if regular checks are required on an individual. Reports can be printed as required or data can be saved for future use. The computer also acts as an additional display panel, showing all calls on the system on the screen.

Call Logging Printer

The call logging printer prints all calls received on the system showing time, date, level of call and when the unit has been reset.

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